The Percentage of Circumcision Leads to Complications

A member of the faculty of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences said: “Unfortunately, there is no fish that can not see the consequences of circumcision due to the involvement of non-specialists, about 30% of circumcision in the country is causative.

Salahuddin Delshad, in an interview with the Fars healthcare journalist, said that circumcision is one of the most common surgical procedures in the country, and said: “This surgery, in addition to the religion of Islam, is obligatory in other religions such as Jews and Christians, therefore, this surgery is due to the benefits Proven medical practice is performed in most parts of the world.

He added that because of the prevalence of this practice in the country, general practitioners, children and even women are circumcised, which may be due to the lack of necessary skills for the child, which is why this surgery should not be done by anyone.

The pediatric surgeon added: “Unfortunately, there is no fish that can not see the consequences of circumcision due to the involvement of non-specialists; about 30% of the circumcision in the country has prognosticated consequences. One of the reasons for not referring people to the experts is the fan and poor coverage of circumcision.

He added: Circular circumcision and surgery are usually done, usually each of these two methods has its own complications, but its complications depend on the personal expertise that it performs.

Associate Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences stated: In infants, it is recommended that circumcision be done in the ring method because it does not bleed the baby and after the circumcision it is easier for the baby to diaper and feels less pain; however, in the circumcision, healing, dressing and The pain affects the child’s sutures.

Delshad said: “A child who is circumcised during infancy and infancy is more likely to suffer from narrowing of the urethra, which is because of the circumcision of the tip of the urethra under the skin and on the other hand due to the burning urine of the site of circumcision An inflammation that ultimately leads to burns.

He described bleeding as another complication of circumcision, and stated: “In the surgical procedure, hemorrhage is in two forms, one at the time of surgery, and another after surgery, in which the veins are tied, opened, and bleeding.

Delshad said: In this method, in some cases, it is seen that a large amount of the skin is removed from the penis, while the penis is removed or slightly removed, as if there has been no surgery to circumcise, and the skin remains intact; this is a complication It will be very dangerous for the child.

The pediatric surgeon continued: When you cut the penis, the thread that goes under the ring and closes the part of the penis leads to blackness and loss of the penis, which is a dangerous complication of surgical circumcision.

He added: “When circumcision is done with a thread and a ring, the doctor works harder here, and when the second thread is thrown and tied, it causes tightness and cuts on the penis, which is here using an electric device called Kotydar used to burn arteries on the foreskin, which is not recommended at all.

Delshad said about the circumcision complications in the ring method: in this method, after the circumcision of the skin, the penis moves to the front and covers the tip of the penis, which creates a bad landscape that is called a hidden object; most parents are seeing such a scene. Anxiety and the child are brought to the doctor; in the surgical procedure and the ring, each should be done in a form of circumcision.

Urinary tract stenosis is the most common circumcision condition

He said that the urethral spasm is the most common complication of circumcision, and said that this is due to the fact that in direct urinalysis with the site of circumcision, the tip of the penis is affected by dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin, which is the main cause of burning of the urine and leads to stricture The urinary duct is urinated; it is advisable to circumcise the infant’s child at an earlier age to prevent it. Also, whenever the child urinates, parents wash it and regularly change their diapers.

Delshad said: “When urethral stricture occurs in a child, it is necessary for the child to undergo anesthetic surgery that would be costly for parents, so if the surgeon has a special skill, none of these problems for the child Will not come.

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